Planning Together

We work together as a team to try our best to understand what people with learning disabilities in Cornwall want to say and what they need.

We regularly talk to people with learning disabilities and their supporters to find out what is happening in our communities, what help is needed and what needs to change.

This information is very important because it helps us to plan our projects. If you would like to talk to Cornwall Advocacy about this, please contact us.

We currently have two projects for people with learning disabilities in Cornwall.

HOPE Project

Hope project

The HOPE project started in 2006 and provides advocacy support for parents with learning disabilities to work with children’s social care.

We help parents to understand information, have their voices heard and make informed choices. This often involves providing advocacy support to people during child protection and family court cases.

We support parents to take part in meetings, speak to professionals, find information, challenge discrimination and ask for reasonable adjustments so they have the right support for their learning disability.

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Be Heard

Be Heard Logo

The project started in October 2020 and provides advocacy support for people with learning disabilities in Mid and West Cornwall who have been affected by the pandemic.

Lots of things are changing and this can be very stressful. We are helping people to speak out and make sure that other people listen to them.

We help to make sure people’s rights are respected and they are included in important decisions about their lives.

We support people to make their own decisions, find information and understand it.

We support people to improve their confidence and feel better.

We help people with one to one advocacy and we have a weekly advocacy group.

People can also help us with this project if they want to support others.

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“I am now the one in control and feel that advocacy really helped me.”

— Neil, a parent who worked with our HOPE project

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